Smoke Odor Removal: Clearing The Air

Smoke Odor Removal: Clearing The Air

Smoke Odor Removal: Clearing The Air

Smoke odor removal can be very difficult in homes, offices, and even vehicles. If you have just purchased a home that smokers had previously lived in, it is really difficult to rid the home of the smell. Many homeowners replace the carpet and even paint the walls, but still cannot seem to get the smell out. For some reason it is one of those scents that seems to just hang in the air forever. Opening the windows helps, but as soon as they are closed again the scent seems to be back. Unfortunately, this scent is not appealing to homeowners or their guests, and can actually make some people feel unwell.

Instead of living in what smells like a smoker's house, there are some steps that you can take. First, before you ever move in you should keep the windows open and the ceiling fans on for as long as possible. It is also a superb idea to have the carpets professionally cleaned, as this can be a great approach to smoke odor removal. Unfortunately, if the smokers that lived in the home before you lived there for a long time, the carpet cleaning will only be a temporary fix. The reason for this is that the smells have probably permeated the carpet padding, so after a few days or weeks the smell will gradually become more and more obvious again.

Your smoke odor removal attempts do not have to be over yet. Many home owners find that simply washing the walls with an antibacterial cleaner can help them cut through the grime on the walls of the home that is contributing to the scents in the home. This can be a long and time consuming process, but washing the walls is often very effective. If this doesn't work, you may want to consider having the walls painted to simply cover up any of the lingering smells. Of course, repainting a whole house can simply replace the smoky smells with paint smells. Painting is also a costly option for most, if they really want to do away with the lingering smells.

Just because your home smells like a smoker's home after all of your attempts does not mean that you have to deal with it or move. Instead, you need to think about getting to the root of the problem, which is the contaminants that are lingering in the air no matter what you do. If you really want to nip your smoke odor removal problem in the bud, consider a Quantum Pure Aire purifier. These air purifiers are state of the art units that can effectively remove unwanted smells from just about any area in less time than you might think. These air purifiers are perfect for use in the home, a car, a boat, and even the office, and come in several different sizes to fit the needs of any consumer. Simply visit to learn more about how you can clear the air in your home once and for all. is based in Warwick, Rhode Island and is the leading manufacturer of Ozone Air Purifiers. For more info on smoke odor removal and pet odor removal please visit our site.

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