Using an ionizer to remove odors

Using an ionizer to remove odors

Using an ionizer to remove odors

Ionizers or carbon scrubbers; what is the best way to get rid of grow odors in hydroponics

If you have grown for any length of time indoors using hydroponics, you know that your plants can smell bad during the flowering cycle. When the plants are flowering you can smell a very distinct aroma that will fill your entire house or grow room. Many find the sent on a flowering plants to be unpleasant and would rather not smell it at all. You will need an effective way of dealing with that odor and eliminating it.

There are two fundamental ways to deal with the grow odors in a hydroponics application. That it is safe and effective carbon scrubber which would always be my first choice. And then there are the electronic and technical air ionizers. Both of these types of equipment used in your hydroponics applications will help you deal with that foul odor. A typical set up would run both with an ionizer and an active carbon scrubber simultaneously to get best results. However it is important to understand the difference between these pieces of equipment and how they should be applied to your hydroponics grow box application.

Carbon scrubber is safe to have around your plants. It removes odors from the room by forcing air through a series of activated charcoal to reduce bad odors naturally and safely. When air with odors is forced through the charcoal, it loses its odors thanks to the carbon. So carbon scrubbers are very good way to keep odors down in a hydroponics grow. When looking at hydroponics grow box machine you should always go with the unit that has a nice large carbon scrubber and squirrel cage blower fan attached to it. That ensures the grow box will properly remove odors.

Now there can be an additional need for ionizers for persistent amount of odors. Using in ionizer around your plants or around your pet is dangerous to their health. We do not recommend using an ionizer where anybody is going to be living in the grow area. Air ionizers should only be used in crawl spaces or area that is free of life. You can use an in-line ionizer which will connect to 8" inch tubing hose blowing hot air from your light can be passed over the ionizer to get rid of the odors. An ionizer is far more advanced grower and should not be messed around with by beginners. We caution you that there are dangers of using an ionizer in your hydroponics grow and we highly recommend using a much safer carbon scrubber to get rid of odors from your grow box safely.


Alfred Mendez Hydroponics Guru


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