Black Mold: What You Need to Know

Black Mold: What You Need to Know

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QCI Online is a Clearwater, FL based mold removal company. Providing water restoration, mold testing & removal and home inspection services.

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Black mold is a type of fungus that thrives in areas that are moist and humid and dark.  Apparently, it does not need a lot to grow and germinate, as long as there’s humidity and moisture.  The black mold or the stachybotrys chartarum devours on moist materials that are fibrous in consistency and appears as a black infestation.  It can be found in any parts of your home where there is moisture especially in areas that are built out of cellulose materials such as papers, fiberboard, and woods.

Black molds are viewed as health hazards as they produce spores that contain mycotoxins.  Prolonged exposure and inhalation of these spores that contains the mycotoxins could lead to death of an individual.  The mycotoxins are not released into the air until the time the black mold is totally dried out.  Once in the air, these hazardous toxins are spread in all areas of the house through the ventilation and air-conditioning systems increasing the likelihood of inhalation of these toxins by the humans and household pets.  If inhaled by individuals with lowered immune resistance like the infants, the mycotoxins can cause respiratory illnesses like respiratory tract infections and bleeding leading to death.

Unlike any other types of molds that have musty like odors, the black mold is very hard to detect since it doesn’t have a distinctive smell of its own.  And usually, it lurks in areas that are hard to reach and mostly unseen by the naked eye such as the back of the walls and under the ceilings making most homeowners unaware of its presence.  However, any sign of leaks in the plumbing system or roof and dysfunctional gutters could already be a concern for possible black mold growth in your household or if you or any members of the family have started to develop allergic reactions even without the medical history of such illness.  The presence of black mold could also be known if your child who has asthma is experiencing exacerbations inspite of the compliance to medication and regular check-ups. Water Damage Tampa

Black mold removal is a long process and needs to be carried properly to ensure that the infestation is totally eradicated and that no black mold reside is left behind including the mold spores that have already spread into the air. Home Inspector Tampa FL

Nowadays, a lot of laws are enacted regarding the black mold.  These laws ensure that each and every individual is protected against this perilous mold.  It’s not only the black mold that should be viewed as a threat.  All molds are to be considered as a health hazard no matter how helpful they are to the environment and to the pharmaceutical or food companies.

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mold removal company. Providing water restoration, mold testing & removal and home inspection services.

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