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Basement Odor removal provide A Certified Mold Inspection performed at your home or business by a AllStates Certified Mold Inspector and will identify both hidden and visible mold growth caused by water intrusions and provide you with cost effective solutions for mold removal and remediation if needed.

If the answer is “yes” to any of the following questions, consider a mold inspection or mold testing now:

•  Is there a “musty smell in your home or business?
•  Are there visible signs of water damage anywhere?
•  Has the property ever suffered a leaking or flooded basement?
•  Has your home ever suffered a roof leaks?
•  Has the property ever suffered a plumbing leak?
•  Has your home ever suffered a sink overflow or sewer backup?
•  Has the property ever suffered other water problems?

If any of the family members or occupants have experienced any of the following adverse health effects, it may indicate that mold is present in their indoor environment.

•  sinus congestion
•  nausea
•  sneezing
•  runny nose
•  coughing
•  skin rashes
•  fatigue
•  flu-like systems
•  headaches
•  restlessness
•  dizziness
•  irritation of the eyes, nose or throat 

It is possible that there could be hidden mold in your home or building!

Buying a Home? Health Concerns? – Talk to a Mold Inspector!

If you are in the process of buying or selling a home, have family members with health concerns, or believe your home or business has had a recent mold exposure it is essential that you turn to the best… AllStates Cleaning & Restoration provide Mold Inspection and Consulting, professional residential and commercial mold inspectors.

Why Choose AllStates Services for your Mold Inspection?

Our comprehensive 3 steps mold inspections include a visual mold investigation, a detailed moisture assessment, air/surface mold sampling and analysis by pro-lab in full compliance with ISO standards (Chain of Custody). We will then provide to you a mold report on our findings as well as recommendations for mold removal and Certified Mold Remediation.

AllStates Services is a certified Mold Inspection a professional mold inspection company serving New York New jersey and the surrounding area. We are known for our highly trained professionals, a quick response time, and affordable mold inspection pricing.

 3 Steps Mold Testing

Step. #1 Visual Mold Inspection

Let AllStates help you determine if mold growth possibilities exists on your property. A visual mold inspection for fungi is the most important first step in identifying a possible mold growth or contamination problem.

AllStates Inspection Services will determine the extent of any water damage and potential mold growth during building assessment. Call 732-993-6622. AllStates is Certified and Fully Insured.

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Step. #2 Moisture Assessment
Knowledge of a recent flood or previous water damage event is an important factor in determining remedial strategies or a Mold Testing hypothesis. The history of a building is a critical piece of information that can help isolate a potential mold growth problem. Building materials such as OSB board can absorb water readily and contain mold within the substance.

Drywall and other building materials can hold moisture for extended amounts of time making the potential for mold growth ever increasing. Indoor contaminants caused by damp and humid conditions should be repaired by a licensed and insured specialty mold remediation company. Water Damage? Flood Damage? Mold Problems? Free Mold Quote! Call Today 732-993-6622

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Step #3 Collecting Mold Samples
Mold samples can help determine a “snap shot” of your indoor environment. Air samples for Mold spores can be taken from your home indoor environment and can help AllStates Services Mold Inspection detect and confirm suspect mold growth. Physical mold samples including Z5 Sampling Cassette mold samples and swab mold samples, all can be taken by a mold inspector at the time of your mold investigation.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has limited information on Permissible Exposure Limits PELs to biological contaminants within residential structures. AllStates Services & Inspection uses Pro-Lab, an AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) accredited laboratory for all microbial analysis. Mold samples taken with Z5 cassettes can help determine if mold spore concentrations are normal or elevated within home indoor environments. Call to learn more 732-993-6622.

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When Do You Really Need a Mold Inspection?

Though mold contamination is a major problem for many homes, it is subtle and easy to dismiss. Its just mold, right? This is sometimes the case, but mold spores can cause unsightly damage, allergens, and even poisonous toxins. These are major problems that need to be considered whenever the safety of the individuals working or living in a building is involved.

But is mold always a cause for alarm? There is no need to spend money on costly inspections or removals when the mold may not be harmful, so it is important to consider the quality and nature of the mold first. While the potential health risks are real, there is no need to become overly concerned.

As a point of comparison, consider that there is mold outdoors in the form of a great deal of fungus. Even in an urban environment, the air will carry such particles far and wide. It is not as though all of these particles are deadly to humans, and even small quantities are rarely harmful. Therefore, a certain degree of mold in homes will do no more harm than breathing outside air does.

Still, it only takes one virulent strain of mold to cause considerable health complications. A different species could be damaging to your health even if it has only a tenth of the particle density that is frequently seen outside in the most fungus-ridden areas. Simple density is only a starting point.

The genera and species of given mold samples is the most important factor, and this has already moved into an area covered by professionals. Still, if you have any reason to believe that the mold in your home or building may be harmful, it is necessary to consider it critically instead of using a measuring stick that doesn’t really compute the actual health risk. Every type of spore can have entirely different stages where it becomes dangerous, and concentrations that are harmless in one case may be a cause for concern in another.

Even if you decide that you need professional mold inspection, these are important things to take into account. Don’t be afraid to ask about the sampling methods the inspectors are using and how thoroughly they test samples in the labs. How comfortable they are dealing with these questions will give you a good indications of how well they are treating and testing your home for mold.

Eurico Ramos invites you to learn more about the implications of mold and inspection methods at his website Mold Inspection Nashville.

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