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The ODOROX hydroxyl generating system is a new, green technology and is the most advanced solution for eliminating odors problems, decontaminating surfaces and purifying the air. Hydroxyls (OH) are safe, naturally occurring molecules that are created in our atmosphere when the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with water vapor. They play a critical role in cleaning the earth’s atmosphere and are often referred to as the “detergent” of the atmosphere. They can be used to kill bacteria, viruses and mold, and to break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical fumes, gases, vapors and unpleasant odors. Through the use of patented UV technology, ODOROX replicates the natural production of hydroxyls to completely eliminate biological and chemical contaminants.

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Hydroxyls have been called “Mother Nature’s Broom” because of their ability to clean the air. Hydroxyl molecules play a crucial role in keeping the earth’s atmosphere clear of chemical pollutants as well as help to break down potentially harmful airborne organic compounds. Despite their small size, hydroxyls are probably the single most important cleansing agent for our environment.

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ODOROX equipment has successfully been implemented in a wide array of applications, from homes and Business, to disaster cleanup restoration and sewage treatment plants, to fat rendering plants and chicken farms.

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There is no application too large or problem too severe for ODOROX.


Disaster Restoration nj

Odorox is more effective and more versatile than ozone and thermo foggers. Many items previously thought to be unsalvageable can now be restored i.e. plastics, rubbers, leathers. Insurance claims can be substantially reduced if these items can now be cleaned and do not have to be replaced.

Odorox is not only more effective at oxidizing pollutants in the air than ozone, but 2.5 times more germicidal and fungicidal than chlorine. This makes it the most effective method for eliminating unpleasant odors, chemical fumes, gasses, and vapors as well as bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, and volatile organic compounds ( VOC’s).

Odorox is safe for people, pets, plants and sensitive materials. This means that machines can be turned on immediately, while demolition and physical cleaning are being performed. Crew and customers will notice the difference right away.

If conditions permit, homeowners can stay home and businesses can stay open while Odorox is operating. This reduces or eliminates additional living expenses (ALE) and business interruption costs.

In many cases, it is not necessary to do a “pack out” and off site contents cleaning. Cleaning can be more efficient and profitable.

•  Odorox allows you to eliminate odors while you are drying, with no bleaching or    peroxide effect.

•  Odorox reduces the work involved with cleaning drapes, upholstery, carpets, laundry and dry cleaning. Again, most of this can now be handled on-site.

•  Odorox does not use any chemicals and leaves no residue.

•  Odorox is extremely energy efficient with most machines using less than 2 amps. This is important because power is often limited after an emergency.

•  Odorox is lightweight, durable, portable and very easy to operate.

•  Odorox is an outstanding application for a range of odors such as protein fires, difficult pet odors, skunk odors, sewage backups, and trauma clean up.


Mold Abatement

Mold Abatement odor removal

Young babies, asthmatics, persons with respiratory ailments, and persons who have poor immune systems are at the highest risk if they are exposed to mold. Inhalation of fungal spores and fragments may lead to allergic reactions, cause toxic effects, or cause infections. Illnesses can result from both high level, short-term exposures and lower level, long-term exposures. The most common symptoms reported from exposure to mold in indoor environments are runny nose, eye irritation, coughing, congestion, aggravation of asthma, headache and fatigue.

Presently contractors follow existing protocols and standards for mold remediation (IICRC S520 Standard). Mold is a much tougher organism to kill when compared to bacteria organisms. Aspergillus Niger is considered one of the most resilient fungal strains and is identified by the EPA as a “reference organism” for testing purposes on the Mold group. While our machine has been proven to kill mold in a laboratory setting, it is important for contractors to follow existing standards to remove both dead and living mold spores. The Odorox technology is best used to “supplement” existing protocols as follows:

At the beginning of a mold job during demolition to achieve a preliminary detoxification and odor reduction. Negative air will reduce the effectiveness of Hydroxyls but job conditions can be substantially improved.

Upon the completion of all remediation and cleaning including HEPA vacuum etc, the machines should be run for 4 days along with air scrubbers.
The combination of accepted methods and our hydroxyl technology has further enabled contractors to achieve a successful eradication of mold.

Smoke Abatement

Smoke Abatement new jersey


Smoke damage from any type of fire source is extremely hard to get rid of. It penetrates porous materials such as clothing, carpets, drapes, paper and furniture and in most cases can not be removed or effectively cleaned and masked with deodorizers. The odor will penetrate paint and other surface materials creating expensive clean-up projects that will see most articles being tossed.

The Odorox technology effectively neutralizes smoke damage by applying a high concentration of hydroxyls to the effected area over a short period of time that cleave the odor causing molecules. The odor does not reappear at a later time.

Odorox offers a huge opportunity to save thousands upon thousands of dollars by not having to replace furniture, books, clothing and walls after a fire. Insurance companies and property owners would much rather not throw things out. Use of this technology will revolutionize the Restoration Business.

Odor Elimination

New Jersey Odor Elimination


Up until now, odor elimination has been tried by using activated charcoal filters, HEPA filters, Bio Filters and many other similar products. These are ineffective methods for odors as odors are molecules and molecules can not be trapped. Odorox technology has the ability to actually dismantle an odor molecule by cleaving or separating the molecular components from one another thus neutralizing and rendering them odorless.

Ozone generators, ionizers, various chemicals and other devices are being used for home air purification, fire restoration (smoke damage) and flood restoration, however they all create complicated and dangerous side effects and can not eliminate the problems. ODOROX technology is natural (100% green), safe and, unlike Ozone, can be operated in occupied spaces. It can be taken to any problem area, unlike Ozone or Ionization, which do not allow them to be transported by any air movement. The Odorox process can be delivered anywhere, under any condition (humidity, dry, cold, heat), by an air mover capable of a 1,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute), in a closed or open environment, pushing its effects wherever it is needed to accomplish the task at hand. Odorox technology is a unique and flexible solution to solve odor problems.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Elimination

Odorox effectively removes all traces of VOC’s which can appear in many different forms (gases, liquid etc.). The hydroxyls literally attack each individual molecule that has been created by the source that usually shows up in a gas form whether it is in a new home, gas plant, sewage plant or any other work place. The exhausted air from the unit not only supplies the hydroxyls to clean the ambient air but will be VOC free itself, even though it is drawing in VOC contaminated air.

Independent Lab Tests

Representative Organisms
Antimicrobial efficacy against Staphylococcus aureus is frequently required by the U.S. EPA and is identified as a “reference bacterium” for Gram positive bacterium for testing purposes. Similarly, antimicrobial efficacy against Pseudomonas aeruginosa is frequently required by the U.S EPA as a representative pathogen of clinical importance, which is often associated with hospital-acquired infections. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a “reference bacterium” for Gram negative bacterium for testing purposes. In the food processing area, another important representative pathogen is the Gram negative bacterium Escherichia coli. Mold is a much tougher organism to kill when compared to bacteria organisms. Aspergillus niger is considered one of the most resilient fungal strains and is identified by the EPA as a “reference organism” for testing purposes on the Mold group.

Odorox Lab Results

Lab Results

Representative Organisms Influenza type A viruses are the most dangerous human pathogens among the influenza types and cause the most severe disease. Influenza epidemics result in 250,000 to 500,000 deaths globally each year. Listeria monocytogenes is a gram-positive, rod-shaped bacterium responsible for listeriosis, a lethal food-borne infection that has a devastating fatality rate of 25% (Salmonella, in comparison, has a less than 1% mortality rate). It is incredibly hardy and able to grow in temperatures ranging from 39°F (4°C) to 99°F (37°C). C.difficile is a spore-forming, gram-positive bacillus that causes potentially life-threatening colitis. Its spores can survive outside the human body for months on surfaces including bedrails, commodes, bedpans, thermometers, wheelchairs, endoscopes, bathing tubs, and the hands of health care workers. Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) is a small, enveloped RNA virus that causes a disease of pigs. This economically important pandemic causes reproductive failure in breeding stock and respiratory tract illness. The PRRS virus cost the US swine industry in excesses of $560 million in losses each year.

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